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Virtual EXPO MiPyme DIGITAL 2013


Opened: 24/7 since 9th of May till 31st of August 2013.

Graphics design: Andrés Muñoz y Asociados

Platform: Cloud Party: http://cloudparty.com

Software: Google Chrome, Firefox – compatibility test: https://a.cloudparty.com/test/

Localization: https://a.cloudparty.com/loc/2382/-30.8,-130.2,1.6,1.3

Promo Machinima: tba

Tutorials: tba

Organisers: Easy Fairs, Enter.co

Event is supported by:

  • MinTIC  – Ministry of Information Technology and Communications in Colombia
  • Prosperidad Para Todos
  • Vive Digital Colombia
  • Camara de Comercio de Bogota
  • Cluster de Software y TI de Bogota

The exhibition building no. 8 from exhibition center in Bogota is available  for visitors also virtually.  During 9th-10th May 2013  Expo MiPyme Digital visitors could watch the transmission in the virtual conference room.   Minister of MinTIC –  Diego Molano Vega was present online. Expo visitors and exhibitors could access the virtual space through internet browser easily. The number of visitors online present at the same time exceed 80. Because Cloud Party system creates new virtual space every time when 50 guest number is exceeded there was no problem with many visitors online at the same time. The expo virtual space was accessible all the time.

The virtual EXPO MiPyme DIGITAL is opened till the end of August 2013.

Expo building

Real expo building vs virtual expo space – entrance

In the conference room one can watch the interesting speeches presented while Expo MiPyme Digital 2013 in Spanish.

A1XPdRaB0Conference room

Virtual stand version of Ministry of Information Technology and Communications in Colombia is the same as the real stand.

MinTIC Stand

MinTIC stand

One can visit about 60 exhibition stands of different companies.
Every stand includes links to contact form, photo gallery, brochure and video of every company.


Google stand

Microsoft stand


Samsung stand

Kingston stand

Adobe stand

CISCO stand

Minister’s avatar welcomes visitors. The avatar is a bot. One could meet Minister Diego Molano Vega directly on 9th – 10th of May.

VMiPyme 1

Minister’s avatar


  1. MinTIC
  2. Adobe
  3. Mercado Libre
  4. Citibank
  5. Pogos On Line-Carvajal
  6. Knowbi
  7. Netcom
  8. Intop
  9. Fundacion Intitec
  10. WSI Marketing
  11. enter.co
  12. Samsung
  13. D-Link
  14. Oasys
  15. Alfa Link
  16. Unipymes
  17. Guia Soluciones TIC
  18. Kuatro Comunicaciones TIC
  19. Team Ingenieria
  20. Mision Pyme
  21. Catalogo de Software
  22. Motivia Group
  23. Acer
  24. Microsoft
  25. Google
  26. Easyfairs
  27. Fedsoft
  28. Kingston
  29. Okidata
  30. SBI
  31. Tigo
  32. Intrasctructura Virtual
  33. Walter Bridge
  34. Min CIT
  35. Audisoft
  36. Latinpyme
  37. Omega Store
  38. S3 Wirless
  39. CISCO
  40. E-Forces
  41. Une
  42. McAfee
  43. Adeco
  44. Imation-Symantec
  45. Servicios Postales-472
  46. Claro
  47. Criptiozone
  48. Internactional de Camaras
  49. Correcol
  50. AVG Tough
  51. Siesa
  52. Locknet
  53. Frontech
  54. Colkeytech
  55. LAN
  56. Faonetworks
  57. VOZ IP
  58. Disenos Y Aplicaciones
  59. Andrés Muñoz y Asociados













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